About Me



My name is Tabea, I’m 24 years old and I’m a radiological technician from Austria.

My free time is spent with my friends and family, getting out in nature & walking my dogs, exercising and you probably guessed it: enjoying the pleasures of reading and trying out new recipes!

But this was not always the case! I used to have some unhealthy eating habits and was struggling to lose weight… but over the last three years, after spending my fair share of time trying cooking books directed towards people on a diet, I now have a new found passion for cooking!

There were times when I felt frustrated and impatient, but since getting into the Paleo movement, things changed!

I settled on the Paleo diet and haven’t looked back since. The first couple of weeks were pretty hard. Cutting out food that you love is never easy, but I have to say, now that my body is used to it, I don’t really miss anything! I wouldn’t even really call it a diet anymore. My body feels better and I have so much more energy + my cooking skills went through the roof! I even have friends that started cooking “Paleo-style” without even wanting to try a diet out! They simply just love the recipes!

You just can’t go wrong with Paleo cookbooks, you either want to lose weight or you just want to try out some new recipes for you or your family!

Anyway, I decided to share my passion and put a couple of reviews online of every product I have bought over the last three years… so here we go! I hope my insights are useful to you 🙂