Review: The Paleo Recipe Book

In short:

  • More than 370 Paleo recipes
  • 18 categories
  • Easy to follow
  • No cooking skills needed
  • Loads of bonus content
  • 395 pages of recipes and pictures, instant access e-book.
  • 60 day money back guarantee

Overall Impression:
Paleo Recipe Book probably has one of the most professional looking websites I’ve come across. There are many colorful images of amazing looking food on the site and I got instantly excited. The video on the website explains that the book contains over 370 recipes, spread across 18 categories. What I haven’t seen much on other cookbook websites is that the Paleo Recipe Book also has a large proportion of auto-immune recipes, meaning that even if you have allergies to for instance, nuts or eggs, there are still lots of ways to stick to the paleo diet using this book.

Overall the product looks very professional, and the book is put together incredibly well. I’m really impressed with how the recipes are put into logical categories and I find it easy to find what I’m looking for!


Most recipes seem easy enough, and the harder ones have very clear instructions. I would say that this recipe book would suit just about anyone, even if you have never been in a kitchen before and know nothing about cooking.

Included when you buy the Paleo Recipe Book are:

  • The Paleo Recipe Book
  • 8 Week Meal plan
  • Paleo Desserts Book
  • Simple Paleo Meals
  • Herbs and Spices
  • Cheat Sheets
Chicken Curry

Recipes I Tried:

  • Lemon and Pepper Barbecued Chicken Fingers
  • Chicken and Zucchini Hot Salad
  • Pork Tenderloin with Caramelised Apples
  • Chicken Curry

Cooking From the Paleo Recipe Book:
As previously mentioned, all the recipes have very clear instructions. It clearly states how long the prep and cooking time is for each individual recipe, and the book also tells you exactly what is in the dish in terms of percentage of carbs, protein and fat. Not only does this mean that we get enough of everything, but for instance to sports enthusiasts this will make it a lot easier to monitor exactly what you eat.

The cheat sheet that comes with the book is very helpful indeed. I try to take my tablet computer with me whenever I do the groceries so that whenever I’m not sure about something, I can quickly look it up. I also love the desserts section. Being a big dessert fan myself, I am sometimes stumped on what to make, but the bonus desserts are all incredible.

Pork Tenderloin with Caramelised Apples

What Could Be Better:
I haven’t seen many options for breakfast or light lunches in this book. Maybe this wasn’t the point of the author, but personally I always like it when cookbooks offer a wide veriety of different types of meals. That being said, there are recipes that could really easily be tweaked into a lighter meal by choosing smaller portions, or by leaving some ingredients out all together.

Final TakeAway:
Overall I’m really impressed with this book. I think the quality is exceptionally good, and the images are a good representation of the end result. I made about 4 to 5 dishes from this book at the time of writing and they have all been amazingly tasty. The Paleo Recipe Book is among the cheapest paleo books I’ve reviewed so far and is currently my favourite cookbook!

officialwebsiteFinal Score: 10/10

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    December 17, 2015

    Thanks for this great and very helpful review!
    Your food pictures look so delicious! 😀

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